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Explore the Great War

Ensure your pupils always remember via our unforgettable workshop
First World War

Ensure your pupils always remember with our unforgettable First World War workshop.

Workshop content

Your pupils will be immersed in an unforgettable learning experience led by two characters: a drill sergeant and a matron.

Your pupils will get the true soldier experience as Corporal Briggs puts them through their paces via a high-energy military drill.

The matron will test your pupil’s skills and stomachs in our interactive medical session, helping your pupils understand the advances in medical practice and the role women played in the conflict.

We guarantee your pupils will remember this experience for many years to come.

Curriculum focus

Gallery links

War Gallery (First World War)


£5 per pupil


90 minutes

Learning packs and resources

Download teacher’s resources for the Great War workshop (zip, 17 MB)

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