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Second World War: Protect the Port

Woman dressed in WW2 ATS Uniform stands with a gas rattle in the air. At her feet are crouched school children wearing tin hats and cupping their hands over their mouth

Second World War workshop at Fort Nelson. 

Our on-site Second World War workshop at Fort Nelson, Portsmouth, allows students to step back in time and learn about history in our Victorian fort which played a role in the war.

Study Day Information

Join us in 1941  where the volunteer forces need new recruits in the Home Front units: ARP, ATS and Home Guard. Your students will be put through their paces by:

  • Performing a Home Guard drill, including a wooden rifle and grenade throwing.
  • Develop their understanding of women's roles in WW2 and practice their aircraft recognition skills.
  • Try out the different jobs involved in the ARP unit, including practicing a mock air raid drill.

Following the sessions, led by historical characters, your students will then decide which organisation to join at the end of the day.

Curriculum links

History: A local study; a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils' chronological knowledge beyond 1066.


The day consists of three 45-minute workshops and a 1-hour break for lunch. The day starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm.

Booking Information

Please contact us to make a booking or if you have any questions.

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