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Website accessibility statement

Website terms and conditions

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Access policy (pdf, 129 KB)

Customer care policy (pdf, 83 KB)

Visitor behaviour guidance

Arena tickets terms and conditions (pdf, 62 KB)

Safeguarding policy (doc, 174 KB)

Safeguarding procedure (pdf, 529 KB)

Smoke free policy (pdf, 200 KB)

Photography and filming policy (pdf, 129 KB)


Learning policy (pdf, 215 KB)

Education bookings terms and conditions (pdf, 124 KB)

Health and safety pack (Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds) (pdf, 209 KB) 

Health and safety pack (Fort Nelson) (pdf, 468 KB) 

Health & Safety

Health and safety environment policy statement 

Health and safety policy (pdf, 269 KB) 

Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds risk assessment (pdf, 209 KB)

Fort Nelson risk assessment (pdf, 468KB) 


Confirmation of insurance 2024 (pdf, 209 KB)


Privacy notice 2022 (pdf, 136 KB)

Privacy notice: staff (pdf, 155 KB)

Privacy notice: data retention schedule (pdf, 104 KB)

Royal Armouries public task (pdf, 72 KB) 

Public task schedule (pdf, 76 KB) 

Licensing of Royal Armouries content (pdf, 93 KB)

Commercial use licence (pdf, 84 KB) 

Non-commercial use licence (pdf, 74 KB)


Guide to Royal Armouries archives (pdf, 64 KB)

Reading room regulations (pdf, 19 KB)

Archive handling guidelines (pdf, 15 KB)

Archives management policy (pdf, 73 KB)

Archives development policy (pdf, 102 KB)

Archives information policy (pdf, 63 KB)

Archives appraisal policy (pdf, 94 KB)

Archives preservation policy (pdf, 365 KB)

Archives access policy (pdf, 229 KB)

Archives digitisation policy (pdf, 48 KB)

Digital preservation policy (pdf, 110 KB)


How we manage our collections, finance, staff and other resources, and look after our visitors

Collections policy framework 2019 (pdf, 4 MB) 

Collections access policy 2019 (pdf, 3 MB)

Collections development policy 2019 (pdf, 6 MB) 

Collections information policy 2019 (pdf, 2 MB) 

Collections care and conservation policy 2019 (pdf, 4 MB) 

Insurance indemnity and valuation policy 2019 (pdf, 88 KB) 

Human remains policy 2019 (pdf, 95 KB) 

Radiation policy and procedure 2022 (pdf, 328KB)

Immunity from seizure 


Equality and diversity policy (pdf, 23 KB) 

Disabilities equality policy (pdf, 41 KB) 

Disability confident employer (pdf, 220 KB)


Terms and Conditions Services (RA) (pdf, 488 KB)

Terms and Conditions Goods (RA) (pdf, 494 KB)

No Purchase Order No Pay Policy (pdf, 110 KB)


Freedom of Information Act policy (pdf, 190 KB) 

Freedom of Information Act publication scheme (pdf, 36 KB) 

Access to Information (pdf, 31 KB)


Procurement policy (pdf, 370 KB)

Trustees, Staff and Volunteers

Equal opportunities policy (pdf, 109 KB) 

Staff code of conduct (pdf, 121 KB) 

Recruitment policy (pdf, 146 KB) 

Trustees code of conduct (pdf, 227 KB) 

Volunteer policy (pdf, 194 KB)

Alternative communication formats

Please contact us if you require any of our downloadable documents in an alternative format.