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Up Close

detail of mechanism with ropes and pulleys

Get up close to the objects in this exhibition. All have been designed, made, and used by humans throughout history and are from a diverse range of countries and cultures across the world. We commissioned macro photography to capture 26 objects from the collection up close, revealing the evidence of human hands on their design, decoration, and damage. Get up close and see what isn't possible with the naked eye through the glass an object sits behind in its case. Notice the pride in a maker's mark, the focus, commitment, and skill needed to create intricate decoration, and the scuffs, scrapes and scratches from years of use.

Heritage Fund
Thanks to National Lottery players

The closer you look the more you appreciate that these objects are the product of centuries of human endeavour.

This exhibition has been made possible with funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund which is helping us use digital to explore our collection in new and exciting ways for audiences.