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The Romans Are Coming!

Iron Age Warrior with blue face paint and holding a shield screams at the camera. Around her are school children screaming as well.

Roman and Celts workshop at Fort Nelson.

Our on-site Roman and Celts workshop at Fort Nelson, near Portsmouth, allows students to step back in time and learn about history in the unique setting of our Victorian fort.

Workshop Information

Travel back to AD42 and join the drama as the Iron Age tribes await the arrival of the Roman Army. Students will learn more about the Celtic and Roman ways of life through:

  • Partaking in an Iron Age feast including an interactive retelling of Caesar’s failed invasion.
  • Investigating Roman military equipment, learning more about the life of a Roman soldier and practising army drills including a shield drill.
  • Discover more about Roman citizens through object handling, including who they are and their place in Roman society.

Following the sessions, led by historical characters, your students will need to decide if they join the Romans in Britain or fight against them.

Curriculum Links

History: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.


The day consists of three 45-minute workshops and a 1-hour break for lunch. The day starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm.

Booking Information

Please contact us to make a booking or if you have any questions.

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