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Norman Conquest

Harald Hardrada Norman character

Our hands-on workshop is guaranteed to inspire your students and further their understanding of how the Normans successfully conquered England in 1066.

See our Norman Learning Resources for free videos, images and audio files to use with your pupils to enhance their learning.


Workshop Information

Your students will get their hands on the arms and armour used in 1066 and become the characters depicted in the famous Bayeux tapestry.

Your students will re-enact the key conflicts of 1066 in our tiltyard, including the Battle of Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings, to understand how battle tactics and strategy helped decide the outcome.

Finish the day with a live combat demonstration between a Saxon warrior and Norman knight. Subject to staff availability, please enquire upon booking.

‘The workshop was a perfect fit with our Norman conquest scheme of work and the knowledge the students acquired during their visit to yourself was shown through their class work.’ – Teacher at Excel Academy.

Curriculum links

History (medieval depth study, Norman conquest)

Gallery link

Horses with armour and men wearing armour in a museum gallery
The War Gallery

War Gallery

(Early War, Medieval)

Explore how the history of warfare has changed from the early days of hand-to-hand combat to today’s technology-based warfare, including our new display on the Second World War.

Visit the War Gallery

Booking Information

Please contact us to make a booking or if you have any questions.

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Learning packs and resources

RAM Teachers Pack 2023-24 (pdf, 764 KB)

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