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Carefully conserved 

Detail of jack of plate armour, 1560, II.27. Royal Armouries, CC BY 4.0

Jack of plate (III.1278)

A jack of plate is a type of armour made up of small plates sewn between layers of textile. Like this sleeveless example, they often take the form of a doublet. This one, made in about 1580, is over 400 years old. It has been the subject of careful conservation to ensure it survives into the future. Two types of specially selected fabric, closely resembling the weave structure of the original textiles, were added to stabilise areas of severe deterioration. The entire outer surface was then encased with a special net for further protection and support. The decision was made that the conservation techniques applied to this object would be used to support the object from deteriorating further, without obscuring the interesting construction of the garment.

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