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Revolver at Tiffany's?

Tiffany revolver (XII.9609)

This is a gun that was never meant to be used. Although it looks like a fine example of early 20th century craftsmanship, it was actually made in 1989. The revolver itself, a centrefire six-shot Model 29 .44 magnum was donated by gunmakers Smith & Wesson. The exquisitely detailed decoration on it was commissioned from Tiffany & Co., New York by the Royal Armouries. The decoration devised by Tiffany's designers in conjunction with the Armouries' curators is picked out in 22-carat gold.

It is a modern example of the tradition of commissioning firearms as works of art and represents the Arts and Crafts and Art Noveau styles that Tiffany was world famous for. It was during this period that Tiffany & Co. gained recognition for its decorated weapons and firearms. Its presentation swords were first awarded as symbols of heroism and distinguished military service during the American Civil War, and by the beginning of the 20th century it had secured an international reputation for decorative firearms.

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