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Royal Armouries Museum

Vikings: Raiders vs Traders

See and feel the history

Bring the reality of the Viking age to life for your pupils with our outstanding new workshop.

Workshop Content

The Vikings have arrived on the coast of Anglo-Saxon England but they are in two minds: should they raid or trade? Your pupils will decide!

The Raider will turn your pupils into ferocious Viking warriors in an interactive session involving shield walls, axe throwing and battle cries.

The Trader will show your pupils the skill and craftsmanship of the Viking people by teaching them how to make their very own pattern-welded sword to take home.

Finally, having made their decision, pupils will get to see a live fight demonstration between a Saxon and Viking warrior!

Fight is subject to staff availability; please enquire upon booking.

Curriculum focus

History (Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England)

Gallery links

Early War


£5 per pupil


90 minutes

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