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Royal Armouries Museum

Ancient Greeks: Myths and Legends

Bring our famous Corinthian helmet to life
Greeks, Storytelling

Inspired by our famous ancient Corinthian helmet, the Greek Myths workshop is guaranteed to bring ancient Greece to life for your pupils.

Workshop content

Pupils will grab their reflective shields and be swept up in the drama of Perseus and Medusa in an interactive storytelling session.

Pupils will get their hands on (and heads in) our extensive ancient Greek handling collection, taking part in military formations and manoeuvres to discover what life was like for the warrior who once owned our famous helmet.

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War Gallery (Early War)


£5 per pupil


90 minutes



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Education team
Armouries Drive
LS10 1LT
United Kingdom

From 18 March 2020 our museums in Leeds and at Fort Nelson will be closed to visitors until further notice.