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Historical Martial Arts

The Royal Armouries is the base for two international Historical Martial Arts groups; the European Historical Combat Guild, and Kunst Des Fechtens.

European Historical Combat Guild (EHCG)

The Guild was formed by John Waller (former Creative Director of the museum and distinguished combat master/fight director) to bring students of historical combat together to train under a common set of basic principles. Since its official launch in 2001 the Guild has established a number of chapters throughout Britain and Europe.

Members train with a variety of different weapon types including Medieval single handed and longswords, Renaissance rapier and dagger, and Victorian sabre to name but a few.

Kunst Des Fechtens (KDF)

KDF was formed in 2006 and has a growing number of chapters across Britain and Europe. It was formed to train in an ancient, German martial art, a highly effective fighting style that was taught from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries.

The Leeds Chapter trains principally in longsword, although we also cover other weapon systems including sword and buckler, pollaxe, dagger and wrestling.

Training times and information

EHCG / KDF both meet at the museum in Leeds:

Monday and Thursday
7 pm – 9 pm.
Please note we do not meet on bank Holidays.

Due to demand and space new members are encouraged to come along on the first Monday and Thursday of each month, or by specific invitation.

If you are keen to become involved in the group, please contact us with a brief explanation of why you would like to join and what martial arts experience you may already have – no previous experience is necessary.

Training weapons are provided, though many of our members go on to purchase their own. Normal training gear consists of T-shirt, track suit bottoms and trainers.

For further information contact:

Stuart Ivinson
Tel: 0113 220 1832
EHCG website:
KDF website:

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