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a purple and gold Samurai armour with a fearsome mask in the form of a demon with white whiskers stands guard in the gallery

Discover the artistry and technology of some of the most impressive arms and armour from across the globe and learn about they can provide a key to understanding world history.



cover of a book showing arrows in a quiver

Chinese Arms and Armour

By Natasha Bennett, Curator of Oriental Collections

The fabled treasures of China span thousands of years of history. From the exotic Silk Road to the mysterious Great Wall, China’s allure is as vast as the country itself. Here, Natasha Bennett introduces the fascinating world of Chinese arms and armour in the Royal Armouries’ collection. Offering a colourful insight into one of the world’s earliest civilisations, she chronicles the development of personal weapons and armour from the late Bronze Age to the early twentieth century. It is ideal for anyone interested in the military and material culture of this absorbing land.

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