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English, History, Saxons

The Saxons were very good warriors and used their minds as well as weapons and armour to win in battles. They used their shields in a famous military manoeuvre called a ‘shield wall’ to protect themselves and it was very effective! It allowed the Saxons to use their long reaching spears effectively whilst still being protect. Their armour is also very effective and impressive, so much so that there are ‘sagas’ written from the Saxon times that mention this incredible armour. Along with some incredible warrior heroes and the mythical beasts that they fight against!

Download the Pioneer Helmet Home Learners Pack (pdf, 1MB) to learn all about the famous Woolaston Helmet, also known as the Pioneer Helmet. It is one of only six Saxon helmets to have ever been found in Britain and a similar helmet is mentioned in the saga of ‘Beowulf’ 5 times! Watch the videos of Education Assistant Abi telling the story of Beowulf and dive into a world of heroes and monsters!

Also see the video below to learn about how to make a shield wall. Download the Saxon Shield Wall Home Learners Pack (pdf, 1MB) to learn more about what else the Saxons used in battle!


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Saxon Shield Wall Home Learners Pack (pdf, 2 MB)

Pioneer Helmet Home Learners Pack (pdf, 760 KB)

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