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Knights and castles

Bring the magic of knights and castles to life
Medieval, Storytelling

Our fun and interactive workshop is sure to bring the magic of knights and castles to life for your young pupils.

Workshop content

What is a knight without his castle?

Sir George the knight is in trouble. Something has knocked down his beautiful castle, his squire is missing and his armour has been scattered.

Can your pupils come to Sir George’s rescue and save the day?

Pupils will use puppets and props to retell the story of George and the Dragon in an interactive storytelling session.

Pupils will become medieval squires and help put together George’s armour.

Finally, pupils will work together to rebuild George’s castle.

If your pupils manage to fulfill all of George’s wishes then he may just perform a little knight jive in full armour to celebrate.

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90 minutes


£5 per pupil