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The Romans are coming!

Learn ancient warrior skills

It’s AD42 and the Romans are invading!

Workshop Content

Join us at Fort Nelson for an exciting and immersive Discovery Day which places your pupils at the heart of the drama as the Iron Age tribes of Britannia await the arrival of the Roman army!

Through role play, storytelling and object handling, pupils will uncover the mysteries of life in Iron Age and Roman Britain. From partaking in an Iron Age feast and hearing stories of Caesar’s failed invasion, to investigating Roman military equipment and practising army drills, your pupils are guaranteed to still be talking about this outstanding learning experience come the end of the school year.

The Discovery Day costs £5 per pupil and includes a full day of character-led activities, use of our dedicated lunch room and free parking.

Curriculum focus:

History: Roman empire and its impact on Britain


£5 per pupil


Full day