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Scot Hurst

Scot Hurst is the Assistant Curator of Arms and Armour at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

After completing his degree in History (BA Hons, Sheffield Hallam University 2006 – 2009) and a short stint repairing skis and snowboards, Scot began his museum career in 2010 as a Visitor Operations Team Member with English Heritage, covering Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, Roche Abbey and Conisbrough Castle.

Having grown up on a steady diet of John Wayne, Errol Flynn and classic British war films, military history became a passion from a young age. And so, in 2013 it was with great enthusiasm that Scot accepted a job offer from the Royal Armouries in Leeds, as a Learning Assistant with the Education Department. Although the main aspect of the position would be to write, develop and deliver talks and tours of the Royal Armouries’ galleries, as well as education sessions to school groups, an opportunity soon arose to join the Royal Armouries combat demonstration team. In his four years on the team, Scot demonstrated various forms of combat, from the medieval two handed sword to Chinese polearms and from the pollaxe in full armour to Victorian Bartitsu cane fighting. The highlight of his time on the combat demonstration team was undoubtedly performing a fully armoured duel in commemoration of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, in the grounds of the Tower of London. This experience provided him with a valuable, practical insight into the realities of fighting in full plate armour.

In 2015 a new opportunity presented itself, to work more closely with the National Firearms Centre as a Firearms Assistant and as a civilian instructor on the Combat Infantry Course with Infantry Training Centre Catterick Garrison. Scot was part of the team that developed and delivered the ‘Realities of War’ programme to recruits from the Parachute Regiment, Guards Regiments and Line Infantry in week 5 of their training. Scot specialised in the history and development of firearms, and ran a familiarisation session with current enemy and allied weapon systems.

In November 2017, Scot joined the Royal Armouries curatorial team as Assistant Curator of Arms and Armour. The scope of the job role is vast, encompassing almost all of the Royal Armouries’ collections, from the Oriental collection to medieval edged weapons and armour. As such he has thrown himself into as much research as possible to familiarise himself with the collection as fully as possible. Personal interests include Chinese arms and armour, the development of the Turkish Yataghan and other recurved blades, and, having spent many years fighting in armour, the development and specialisation of tournament armours.

Although relatively new to the post, Scot cannot wait to delve further into the Royal Armouries collection and relishes the opportunities ahead.