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Thom Richardson

Thom Richardson FSA is Curator Emeritus at the Royal Armouries.

He is former Research and Collections Advisor (2015–2016), Deputy Master and Head of Collections (2014–2015), and Keeper of the Armour and Oriental Collections (1996–2014).

Thom Richardson joined the staff of the Tower Armouries in 1984 having previously worked for the British Museum and Manchester City Art Gallery. He completed his PhD on ‘The medieval inventories of the Tower armouries 1320–1410’ at the University of York in 2012.

He is the former editor of the Journal of the Arms and Armour Society and of Arms & Armour, and author of numerous books and articles on armour and related subjects, including The medieval armour from Rhodes, co-written with the late Chip Karcheski. In 2002, he won ICOMAM’s Justus Lipsius Prize.


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