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Mark Murray-Flutter

Mark Murray-Flutter is the Senior Curator of Firearms at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Having completed his first degree in History and International Relations (BA, University of Virginia, USA, 1978-1982), Mark returned to the UK, initially working in the fledgling green energy industry before entering the museum world, his first love.

He joined the Tower Armouries in 1984 initially in the edged weapons department and then subsequently as the Curator of Sporting & Hunting Weapons. While working at the Tower he completed a degree in Museum Studies (MA, University of London, 1987-1989). He was also one of the gallery designers for the new museum in Leeds, being responsible for the Hunting and Self-defence galleries, opened by the Queen in April 1996. Recently he was the lead Curator for the Waterloo exhibition at the Royal Armouries (2015), co-authoring with Annette Wickham Daniel Maclise, The Waterloo Cartoon. (Royal Academy of Arts, 2015)

Mark  Murray-Flutter currently works at the National Firearms Centre with responsibility for the civilian and hunting and sporting collection. His current research interests are in firearm markings and codes, the hunting field and the British musket of the Napoleonic wars. He currently contributes a column to the Field magazine.

In order to switch-off, Mark indulges in the sport of fencing, coaching the next generation of representative hopefuls.