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Stories Date sent: 12 FEB 1940  Sender: N/A   Recipient: Miss Monica Davies, Shepherds Hill, Tynygongl, Anglesey. North Wales   Transcription: 12 Feb, 1940  Just a card hoping you are getting on all right.  I have been thinking about you.  I am back at S.Al. now from to-day.  It has been snowing here. Much love G D  There’s something special about wartime postcards made […] Read time: 3 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: 30 JAN1917; Battersea  Sender: N/A  Recipient: Mrs Lofthouse, 64 Princes Avenue, Withernsea, nr. Hull,  Yorks  Transcription: 28/1/17  Dear Mrs Lofthouse  I am still having a ripping time here, College goes down better everyday, all the same, I wish tonight, it was three weeks ago.  Kinds regards to Mr L  XX for Pellie  Yours Dora  For Dora simply wanting to message to Mrs Lofthouse […] Read time: 2 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: 23 MAR 1906  Sender: N/A  Recipient: Mrs Neville, 21 Waldemar Avenue, Ealing W  Transcription: This picture represents the opening of the Tower Bridge.  A scheme which is bound to interest you will be placed before you next week.  Look out for it. J.A.P  This postcard is one for the Sherlock Holmes’s among you.  Apparently it’s simply a black and […] Read time: 3 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: 7/01/1950  Sender: N/A  Recipient: Miss M Paddy, “Brampton”, 13 Mayfield Road, Whitby, Yorkshire.  Transcription: c/o Central Club, Y.W.C.A, Gt Russell Street, W C 1  Friday pm  Dear Margaret  Well we have just got back from the Albert Hall and are having a lovely time sight seeing etc.  I shall have to tell you all when I get back. Love […] Read time: 2 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: 3 April 1964  Sender: Roy and John  Recipient:  Mr W B Thompson, Woodlands, Birdcage Walk, Otley, Yorkshire  Transcript: London / Thursday  We are enjoying our stay in London, and hope Mrs Thompson is making good progress.  I like this view of the famous “Tower”. It “makes a change” as they say.  Yours   Roy and John  The Ministry of Works produced […] Read time: 3 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: Kingston upon Thames 9 JAN 1967  Sender: N/A  Recipient: Misses C McKerr & L Stainton 12, Bardney Ave, Ashby, Scunthorpe, Lincs  Transcription: Dear Lorice & Cher  Thanks for the letter, I’ll write later, but I’m too tired tonight as we’ve been in Oxford street in the Sales.  There’s some fabulous thigs all you need is the money. Anyway see you next Tuesday, I’m […] Read time: 2 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: unposted  Sender: N/A  Recipient: N/A  Transcription: N/A  A slight change in tack this week, as this postcard is “vintage” but never actually posted. No back story, but an invaluable snapshot of the site in the 1880s.   Valentine and Sons were one of the most prolific postcard publishers until the early 1960s.  Originating in Dundee in 1825 producing […] Read time: 3 minutes Read more

Stories Date sent: 13/2/1919  Sender: N/A  Recipient: Miss R Graham, 2, Duncan Street, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Cheshire  Transcription: Dear Romola  You will notice that there seems to be a great number of salt cellars.  There are about 9 beside the state one.  I am coming back on Monday  Love Frances  Kate Romola Constance was John and Fanny Graham’s only surviving child.  […] Read time: 3 minutes Read more

Stories Date Sent: 7 APR 1934  Sender: Levy  Recipient: Illegible – , 78  Av. d’Auderghem,,  Bruxelles. , Belgium  Transcript: Ma Cher Maman – rest largely illegible  Calling all decoders out there –  can you unlock the message? Your help is really needed with this one, as Levy’s penmanship leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve tried our best, but apart from working out he’s writing to […] Read time: 2 minutes Read more