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Greek Week:Myths & Legends

Warrior in copper helmet and chest plate wielding sword

This May half term the museum will be invaded by warriors from Ancient Greece; bringing with them their battle stories and combat skills.

So charge on down to Leeds Dock and enjoy a packed programme of brand new combat demonstrations and dramatic presentations - all for free.

About the event

Every day there will be live-action shows, battle stories, craft workshops and storytelling.

The same programme is offered in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Please book tickets for either arrival between 10am to 1pm or arrival between 1pm to 5pm. 

Stay as long as you wish.


  • 10am to 4pm Craft activities: Design a shield
    The Ancient Greeks took great pride in the design of their shields, they often had pictures of past victories or scary monsters on them. What will put on your shield?
  • 10.30am Talk: Swords of Ancient Greece
    Learn about the design and manufacture of the weapons wielded by Ancient Greece’s greatest heroes.
  • 11am Storytelling: Pandora's 'Lucky Dip' Box
    Pick a scroll and gather round to hear our bards bring the chosen story to life.
  • 11.30am Combat: The Duels of Achilles
    What do we know about how the Ancient Greeks and how they fought? Find out how stories can be used to give us clues into historic fighting techniques.
  • 12pm Storytelling: The First Olympians
    A boxer tells his story of competing in one of the first Olympic Games, including the dangers he faced and some of the traditions he had to observe. 
  • 12.30am Drama: The Gates of Fire
    A veteran of the Persian Wars recounts his part in the epic struggle of a handful of Greeks and how they thwarted a million immortals…for a while. 


For more detail see morning programme.

  • 10am to 4pm Craft activities: Design a shield
  • 13.30pm Drama: The Gates of Fire
  • 2pm Storytelling: Pandora's 'Lucky Dip' Box
  • 2.30pm Combat: The Duels of Achilles
  • 3pm Storytelling: The First Olympians
  • 3.30pm Talk: Swords of Ancient Greece


Admission to the museum is free, but please pre-book your visit to guarantee entry during this busy period. 

In line with health and safety guidelines our performance spaces have limited capacity and entry to the presentations is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. You museum admission ticket does not guarantee entry to the performances.

Please book AM tickets (arrival between 10am and 1pm) or PM tickets (arrival between 1pm and 5pm).

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