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Re:Loaded Exhibition

A man looking at an AK 47 gun covered in candy displayed in a glass case

This thought-provoking pop-up exhibition asked us to reconsider the symbolism of guns and explore the Royal Armouries’ collection of firearms in a new way.

Guns are powerful weapons. 

They can be loaded with meaning as well as bullets. 

16 December 2023 to 30 June 2024

Gold Baby Browning Pistol with white marble effect handle and intricate decorative engraving on the barrel

Throughout history to the present day, guns have been embellished and intricately decorated; plated in gold and covered with diamonds. As aesthetic objects of art, they have been used to campaign for peace, as tokens of love and desire, and as diplomatic gifts between nations. 

Visitors to the Re:loaded exhibition were able see iconic objects from the Royal Armouries’ collection as well as modern art pieces from renowned artist and peace campaigner Bran Symondson-Baxter. 

This exhibition posed a difficult question for audiences; why attempt to beautify such potentially deadly weapons?