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Catapult Challenge!

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There is a lot to think about when creating machines, and this is no different from the machines of war! Catapults can look very simple but they use lots of different forces to work. The main aim is to launch a really heavy object (a large rock will do) as far as possible and as accurate as possible, to destroy buildings and structures. These machines were used from ancient times and all the way through history, including famously in medieval sieges.

Watch the video below to discover all the different ways to use forces to make catapults. After you have finished watching the video, download the Catapult Challenge Home Learners Pack (pdf, 1MB) and explore these siege engines even further. Don’t forget to send in pictures of your machines to the Royal Armouries social media pages!




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Visit our image collection online to see a photo of a replica roman bolt shooting catapult



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Catapult Challenge Home Learners Pack (pdf, 2 MB)

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