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Royal Armouries Museum

Saxon sagas

COVID-Safe Workshop
Saxons, Storytelling
£5 per pupil

This on-site workshop has been altered to become as COVID-safe as possible for your pupils, staff and Royal Armouries staff. However, this does not mean all the fun and engagement has disappeared!

Please contact the Education Team to see what control measures we have put in place and discuss any questions you may have. 

Let your pupils uncover the mystery of the famous Pioneer helmet in our outstanding workshop.

Workshop content

Pupils will work as a team as they work against the clock to excavate the archaeological site of the Pioneer helmet to discover who it belonged to and what it tells us about early Anglo-Saxon beliefs.

Pupils will raise their drinking horns and bash their shields as they bring to life the Legend of Beowulf, his boar crested helmet and the monster Grendel in an interactive storytelling session.

Curriculum focus

• English (Storytelling, Drama)
• History (Saxons)

Gallery links

War Gallery (Early War, Medieval)


90 minute workshop




Learning packs and resources

RAM Teachers Pack 2021-22 COVID SAFE (pdf, 330 KB)

Contact our communications team if you require documents in an alternative format.