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Fort Nelson


The Vikings are coming!
27th July - 10:00 am - 28th July - 5:00 pm

Fort Nelson was built as part of England‘s defences against the threat of attack from our neighbours across the sea.  Over a thousand years ago, Saxon king Alfred the Great was creating his own strategic coastal defences here — against the Vikings! He built a fleet to counter them at sea, and along the high points of this coastline a network of beacons and mounted patrols were ever watchful for the dreaded sight of Viking sails on the horizon.

Come and find out more in this action-packed weekend.

Daily programme for Saturday and Sunday

Living History encampment
10am – 5pm

Daily life displays and demonstrations

Battle for the sea

Alfred the Great defeated the Vikings in a definitive land battle, then he built a great fleet to hold them back at sea while he laid the foundations of his kingdom. Find out more.

Viking horses

We tend to think of the Vikings as being great sailors and the Saxons dominant foot soldiers, but this is not the full story.  Discover how both sides used horses and mounted warriors as they battled for control of the country.

Viking warriors

The struggle for Wessex saw fierce fighting by ferocious warriors.  Come face-to-face with history and see them in combat.

Battling bowmen

Longbows were key weapons in the armouries of both sides. Learn about the different tactics and techniques used by their skilled archers.

Axe & spear throwing

10am – 4.30pm
Price: £3 Combo ticket £5 includes junior assault course

Have-a-go drop-in sessions. Suitable for ages 6+ years. All equipment and training will be provided.

Warrior training

Become a warrior and fight the barbaric battle of Edington.
Have-a-go re-enactment sessions suitable for ages 6+. All equipment and training will be provided.

Junior assault course

10am – 4.30pm

Price: £4 Combo ticket £5 includes axe and spear throwing (6+)

Suitable for ages 3+ years

Royal Armouries reserves the right to alter the programme without prior notification.