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Press, Media and Commercial

a horse watches from the stable as a member of staff is interviewed on camera
Standing with Giants Installation

Press Enquires

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pulse rifle from the Alien film franchise
Pulse Rifle from the Movie Aliens

Film, Game and Media Enquiries

We offer a wide range of services for video game, film and TV production companies, from independent projects to Hollywood blockbusters.

Of course, we recognise that each project is unique with its own individual requirements and we invite you to discuss with us, and how we can work together.

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Find out more about our Film, Game and Media Services Here

Royal Armouries branded merchandise, biscuits and fudge on a board
Royal Armouries branded biscuits and fudge

Commercial Enquiries

Royal Armouries Trading and Enterprises (RATE) is the commercial arm of the Royal Armouries. RATE plays a crucial role in supporting the Royal Armouries with its income generation activity. 

Business activities include: