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Matthew Ford

Matthew Ford is an academic at the Department of International Relations at the University of Sussex.

He holds a PhD from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London where he wrote on the history of small arms development in the British Army from 1880 to the 1980s.

A former West Point Fellow and winner of the Society for Military History’s Russell F. Weigley Graduate award, Matthew has written extensively about military-technical change, especially in reference to the way that battle is understood and acted upon by soldiers, engineers, scientists and bureaucrats. Matthew also has an interest in and published papers on counterinsurgency, military intelligence and targeting.

Matthew Ford has published in a number of journals including the Journal of Strategic Studies, Small Wars and Insurgencies, War in History, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism and Parameters, the journal of the US Army War College. His latest co-edited book is called Allied fighting effectiveness in North Africa and Italy, 1942-45 (2014).

He is currently finishing a social history of the infantry rifle called Weapon of Choice (working title) which will be published by Hurst & Co in the UK and OUP in the US.

You can follow him on twitter: @warmatters.