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Access to Information

Information about how the museum is managed and how we manage personal data

Museum reports and information about how the museum is managed can be found on this website. There is a downloadable guide to how you can get Access to Information (pdf, 31 KB) about the Royal Armouries, and if you have a specific question about the museum, how we are governed, how we are funded, or any other aspect of what we do please email us at

If you would like to know more about how we protect the personal information that people share with us you can download our privacy statement, and if you have a specific question about how we manage your personal data please email us at

PSI Public Task

The Royal Armouries creates and uses information for a number of purposes in order to meet its statutory duties as the United Kingdom’s National Museum of Arms and Armour, find out more about the Royal Armouries PSI Public Task.

Press and media enquiries

If you have a press enquiry or wish to use our collection, venues, or staff for a film, TV or game production please email us at

Information about our collection, arms and armour or the history of the Tower of London

Visit our online collection website for information about our collection. For specific questions about our collection, general information about arms and armour, or the history of the Tower of London please contact us.

Alternative communication formats

Please contact us if you require any of our downloadable documents in an alternative format.