Donate an object

Donating Objects

If you wish to donate your object to the Royal Armouries you should contact one of our specialist curators first; their details can be found in Specialist Enquiries.

This helps us to ensure someone can be available to meet you if you bring the object in and also helps us to advise you on whether our museum is the best place for your object.

The museum has a collecting policy which determines whether we can accept certain types of gift and it may be that we already own an object which is the same as the one you wish to donate.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept all donations, but we will try to offer you advice about which other museums or institutions you could approach.

You should also make sure that the object you are offering us belongs to you, or that you have evidence that the owner has authorized you to offer us the object.

If we accept the object we will ask you to sign a deposit form to record that you have delivered the object to the museum.

We will then go through our internal approval process to agree that the object can enter the collection. Once this is complete you will be sent a Deed of Gift to formalise the donation.

Advice for bringing objects into the museum

Specialist enquiries

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