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Jonathan Ferguson

Jonathan Ferguson is Curator of Firearms at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Having completed a first degree in Archaeology (BA, Exeter 1997-2000), Jonathan began his museum career as a volunteer at Coldharbour Mill Museum in Devon and received his postgraduate diploma in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester in 2002. Before joining the Armouries in 2009, he held posts at Colchester Museum, Imperial War Museum Duxford and the National War Museum of Scotland. His research interests include the use and effect of firearms (both historic and contemporary), their popular perception, mythology, and their depiction in mass media. He is a member of the editorial advisory board for Arms and Armour and British Journal of Military History.

Jonathan curated the 2008 exhibition ‘Call to Arms’ at the National Museum of Scotland and was lead curator on the Royal Armouries’ First World War exhibition ‘Bullets, Blades and Battle Bowlers’ in 2014. He has presented at several conferences, including ‘Firearms and the Common Law Tradition’, co-chaired by Wesleyan University and the Smithsonian Institution (2016). Jonathan has also made various media appearances, including the BBC4 documentary series ‘Sword, Musket & Machine Gun’ (2017) and the History Channel’s ‘Sean Bean’s Waterloo’ (2015).

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Longest-range gun ever built

During the First World War, Germany built the longest-range gun ever. Its 100 kg projectile travelled 122km, and left the muzzle at 1500 metres per second reaching a height of about 40 km. This is higher, and about 6 times faster, than a transatlantic jet

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