Honorary Historical Consultants

Honorary Historical Consultants

The Royal Armouries has always been fortunate in being able to call upon the goodwill and support of many outstanding authorities on a wide variety of subjects to support it in its many activities.

In 2008, as the major Henry VIII commemorative exhibition and companion publication were in active preparation it was felt that perhaps it was time to recognize the value of the contributions which acknowledged specialists gave to the Royal Armouries. The idea was proposed to inaugurate the position of Honorary Historical Consultant (HHC).

This idea was put to the Knowledge Development Committee, (now the Research and Education Committee) a Royal Armouries Trustee sub-committee chaired by Professor Richard Holmes, which approved the proposal and put it to the next full Board meeting, where it met with unanimous approval. Subsequently a number of individuals have been identified as providing valuable support for the Royal Armouries and have been appointed Honorary Historical Consultants. The Board of Trustees has stated that it wishes to have only a small number of HHCs at any time, making this distinction a rare and prestigious one.

In February 2009 the Board of Trustees accepted the following summary of the functions of an HHC:

Did you know?

Six Eiffel Towers

During the siege of Sebastopol the British and French armies fired 10,000 tonnes of iron shot, 510,000 round shot, 236,000 howitzer shells and 350,000 mortar shells. That’s a total of about 43,000 tonnes of iron: the equivalent of six Eiffel Towers!

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