Royal Armouries through the eye of the camera - Monday, 18 February 2013

Britain’s oldest public museum plays host to the world’s longest-surviving photographic society in a new exhibition at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

From 17th century elephant armour to Henry VIII’s famous horned helmet, the museum’s historic treasures are captured on film in exciting and innovative ways – presenting a unique insight in the Royal Armouries’ national collection of arms and armour.

The exhibition – Royal Armouries: In Focus – is the work of Leeds Photographic Society, and forms part of the museum’s Inspired by… programme.

This programme encourages contributors to engage directly with Royal Armouries’ exhibitions and displays – allowing them to speak in their own “voices” and to share their creative interpretations of the museum’s treasures and their themes.

The Royal Armouries’ Head of Creative Programmes Karen Whitting said, “Work can be generated by professional artists, community groups or amateur individuals. Leeds is the home city to both organisations, so we are delighted to have welcomed Leeds Photographic Society to the museum and to display their unique insight into the museum and its work.”

Leeds Photographic Society was founded in 1852, only 13 years after William Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre announced their photographic processes, independently.

The society currently has around 110 members, many with their roots firmly in the days of film, although most have now switched to digital photography.

Members were motivated by the society’s wish to make a lasting record of the museum, an important part of Leeds’ heritage. Photographers of all abilities were encouraged to take part and each participant has a least one image included in the exhibition of 34 images.

Royal Armouries: In Focus is now open at the museum and runs until June. Museum admission is free.

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