Royal Armouries’ fencing team to battle it out for Red Nose Day! - Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Royal Armouries’ fencing club will stage a Red Nose battle at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds on Friday (March 4) to encourage local people to do “something funny for money” in preparation for for Red Nose Day (March 18).

Battle commences at 3pm when three fencers will brand their armour with Red Nose Day merchandise – and then defend the honour of one of the three monster “red conks” available to collect during this year’s big charity event.

This year’s three monster Red Noses to choose from are Honkus, Chucklechomp and Captain Conk – they all have big personalities and love to cause mischief!

The Royal Armouries Museum at Clarence Dock runs a fencing club every Friday, in conjunction with the British Fencing Association. It aims to get people of all ages involved in fencing – one of the oldest combat sports, encouraging dexterity, skill and speed. Each fencer will brandish their red nose of choice onto their swords as they fight for their side’s honour across the museum galleries.

In the museum foyer, the life-sized replica Henry VIII armour will wear its own Red Nose as it watches over the activities, and red noses will be available near the cut-out boards of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I for the public to throw some ‘nosey’ poses!

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All three monster Red Noses are available from Sainsbury’s, Oxfam or


You are invited to send a photographer to the battle at 3pm on Friday, March 4, at the Royal Armouries Museum, Clarence Dock, Leeds.

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