POWER AND MIGHT - Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Experience the power and might of a mighty Victorian field gun on Sunday, February 23, when uniformed gunners stage the latest in a series of spectacular free gun firings at Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson.

Dressed in Victorian uniforms, Portsdown Artillery Volunteers will roll out a wrought-iron, 16-pounder rifled-muzzle loading British gun at 11.30am, 1pm and 3pm on the 19th century Fort’s Parade.

This fine gun dates to 1872 and is a heavier version of the nine-pounder issued to the Royal Horse Artillery and saw long service with the Artillery Volunteers.

Royal Armouries’ Curator of Artillery Philip Magrath, explained, “The 16-pounders were based at forts to deliver a larger, more effective shell than their forebears and were particularly useful for attacking earthwork and trench defences.

“The replica limber used shows how a field gun was transported – attached to a four-wheeled vehicle and the large wheels were useful when crossing rough ground. The gun could also be pulled by four or six horses, although other combinations were possible too.”

Fort operations manager Nigel Hosier added, “The demonstration, including commentary, will be followed by a chance for visitors to inspect the gun, and to ask the volunteer gunners for more information, and questions. Museum admission and parking are free and Fort Nelson provides a fascinating day out for all the family.”

To find Fort Nelson, follow the brown Tourist signs from the M27. The Fort is open seven days a week, from 10am to 5pm.

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