Knights in Shining Armour return to Edinburgh Castle - Monday, 30 July 2012

Four suits of Royal Armouries’ armour, worn by mounted cavalry in the early 17th century, have been returned to the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle.

They were removed eight years ago to allow for essential conservation work on the metal work and leather strapping and to create more secure mounts.

Hugh Morrison, Collections Registrar at Historic Scotland said: “We are delighted to receive the armour back from the Royal Armouries. These beautifully conserved pieces provide a magnificent centrepiece to the Great Hall.”

James IV’s Great Hall was restored by the notable Edinburgh architect Hippolyte Blanc in 1886 and was subsequently filled by General Lyttleton Annesley, Governor of the Castle with a huge number of arms and armour to create a magnificent Victorian trophy room.

Royal Armouries’ Director Peter Armstrong said: “It is great news that these fine examples of early 17th century armour are now back in the historic setting of Edinburgh Castle’s Great Hall. Our conservation team is constantly striving to maintain its worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence for the conservation of arms and armour, and this was a fine opportunity to showcase their work.”

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