The Lion Roars – From Big Guns to Trophies, the White Tower’s Basement Undergoes a Major Facelift - Friday, 30 March 2012

Golden lion of St Mark
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Displays of cannon and pistols
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From big guns to banners and pikes to pistols – the storehouse and arsenal of the mighty Tower of London has been redisplayed and will be unveiled to the public on Saturday 31 March 2012.

The new-look basement galleries give a fascinating glimpse into the depths of the White Tower and it’s even possible to see where the 11th century builders changed their minds about the historic building’s shape when they were setting out the foundations for The Tower of London.

Storehouse is part of the Royal Armouries’ project to transform the White Tower as a bold and visionary gift to the nation, in conjunction with Historic Royal Palaces (HRP).

The Royal Armouries – Britain’s oldest museum – and HRP have already created three new galleries in the White Tower – Fit for A King; Treasures; and Power House.

The basement Storehouse project highlights include:

Museum director Peter Armstrong said, “Basements are traditionally storehouses and can lack the glamour and appeal of main attractions but the re-display of these galleries brings the history alive, in a fascinating and highly visual way.

Working closely with Historic Royal Palaces, we have brought to life the Tower’s role in ensuring that England’s forces were armed effectively throughout the ages – an issue crucial to warfare, even today.

We also acknowledge the generous support of HISTORY™ who have helped make this new exhibition happen and created from our historic images a stunning presentation which explores the pivotal role of the White Tower at the heart of the site throughout centuries of change.”

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