Say No to Knives! – dramatic partnership promotes anti-knife campaign - Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Royal Armouries has invested £12,000 in a powerful new play targeted at youngsters on the threshold of starting secondary school.
The Worm Collector, by J C Marshall, is a subtle and poignant portrayal of the tragic – and often fatal – consequences of choosing to carry a knife.

West Yorkshire Playhouse Touring Company, in conjunction with the Royal Armouries, will present The Worm Collector to selected primary schools from October 6 to November 20. It will then take up week-long residencies in secondary schools in Spring 2010, as well as touring Berlin in part of an exchange programme with a German theatre company.

As Britain’s oldest museum, the Royal Armouries has earned a formidable reputation for its collection and knowledge of the history of arms and armour.

The Leeds-based museum also co-ordinates the Staying Safe programme to help make Britain a safer place – working with other agencies to help rid our streets of knives and guns by educating young people and helping them to deal with conflict.

One success story is the Leeds’ Weapons Awareness Project, an award-winning initiative that’s been delivered to over 20,000 young people since it started in 2004.

The Royal Armouries’ weapons awareness project co-ordinator Mark Cooper said,

“We have made significant progress but we’re never complacent. The Worm Collector is a powerful play, aimed at younger people in the transition period from primary school to secondary education. The Royal Armouries offered both financial backing and expertise to support the play, which starts its tour of schools next month.”

The Worm Collector tells the story of troubled teenager Mark, played by Nathan McMullen, who is running a competition to discover which of his relatives has the “best scar”. All wounds count, even the tiny ones, because it’s not all about the size of the scars, but about what you did to get them that determines whether you’re a winner or not. Mark already knows who he thinks should win, but he doesn’t realise victory may come at a very high price!

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