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The Craft of the Armourer

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This exhibition was on display in the Tournament gallery, Leeds in 2011.

It was the first in the series of Inspired by… exhibitions. Working in conjunction with the local community and community-based artists, these exhibitions showcase very personal reactions to our collection and their history.

Sean Casey is an illustrator from Leeds, who is inspired by the craft of the armourer.

“The drawings I have been producing at the Royal Armouries relate to a lifelong interest in armour, from playing with my toy Timpo Knights, because I couldn’t get Greek warriors, but which were beautifully made all the same, to an admiration for the awe-inspiring skills of the people who produced the armour itself. War games, at the top of the landing steps, evoked childhood notions of a fairytale world of romantic heroism and honour, that gave way to the academic investigation into the true horrors of warfare, coupled with pride I feel for our armed forces.” – Sean Casey

Sean’s drawings were on display in the Tournament gallery of the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.

Sample gallery

Below is a small sample of the drawings on display in the Tournament gallery.

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