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Inspired by...Royal Armouries: In focus

inspired by Royal Armouries welcomes the opportunity to work with community groups to produce artworks inspired by… our collection and themes.

Leeds Photographic Society is the oldest surviving photographic society in the world, founded in 1852 only thirteen years after William Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre independently announced their photographic processes.

The society currently has around 110 members, many with their roots firmly in the days of film, although most have now switched to digital photography.

The photos which make up the exhibition were at the Museum during autumn 2012. The society encourages photographers of all abilities and at least one image by each participant is included.

The inspiration exists at several levels: the exhibition as a whole was motivated by the society’s wish to make a record of the museum, an important part of the heritage of the society’s home city.

The exhibition is now in display on the mezzanine of the Tournament Gallery in the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds.

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Monday 22 May 2017