A line of artillery gins being fired by groups in historic costume

Ubique Right of the Line

The Ubique Right of the Line Group was originally formed in 1996 to display and fire the World War Two Guns at the Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson, Hampshire.

Since then we have developed our displays to include:

Royal Horse Artillery circa 1815
Royal Field Artillery circa 1914 – 1918
Royal Artillery circa 1939 – 1945
Falklands Conflict 1982

Our member’s uniforms and equipment accurately portray the periods being re-enacted and our Gun Drill is vetted and checked for accuracy before any display.

Lady members of the Group wear appropriate uniforms and dresses for the period being portrayed.

Among the guns we fire and demonstrate on behalf of Fort Nelson are:

1815 6 pdr R.H.A. Cannon
1914 18 pdr Field Gun
1939 25 pdr Field Gun
1939 25 pdr Sexton Self-Propelled
1970 105mm Pack Howitzer

During the course of each year, the Group regularly attend events at Fort Nelson. In addition, the Group also appears at Military Shows throughout the South of England.

If you are interested in receiving more information then contact:

Email: info@rightoftheline.org
Website: www.rightoftheline.org

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