Visitor in a wheelchair engaged in craft activities and two elderly visitors handling objects

Visitors with disabilities

Access to the Tower of London is managed by Historic Royal Palaces. Visit their website for more information.

All of the Royal Armouries displays are situated within the White Tower.

The White Tower is a 900-year-old historic building. The displays are situated on different levels, all of which are accessed via steps, spiral staircases and narrow doorways.

Display areas are only accessible by steep and uneven stairs that may present a barrier for some people. The historic stairs may also be a barrier to some people with conditions such as those affecting heart or lungs or people with neurodiverse or mental health issues.

  • The Royal Armouries Disabilities Equality Policy states its belief in the provision of equality of opportunity, and has a commitment to providing transparent, meaningful, educational access and linked services to all its visitors and employees.