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Paget, Lord Clarence Edward



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Date: 1846-1852

Paget, Lord Clarence Edward


Lord Clarence Edward Paget was born in 1811, the son of Henry William Paget, first Marquess of Anglesey and his second wife, Charlotte Cadogen.

Paget entered the Navy in 1823, and in the mid-1830s suffered from venereal disease which permanently damaged his eyesight, however his career continued to progress within the Navy. When his father became Master General of the Ordnance in 1846, Paget was appointed his Secretary, but he left in 1852 when his father retired. He was generally not considered to have been successful in this post, but it gave little indication of his ability.

1847 had seen his introduction into politics, standing as a Liberal MP for Sandwich until 1852. He regained this seat in 1857 and used it to attack the administration of the Navy. In 1859 Lord Palmerston appointed Paget to First, or Political, Secretary to the Admiralty. He was successful in this role, but resigned in 1865 when he was made Vice-Admiral and offered a post as Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet. By 1870 he had been promoted to Admiral, and he retired in 1876 turning to the arts and sculpture.

Lord Clarence Edward Paget died in Brighton in 1895.

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