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Paget [formerly Bayly], Henry William, first marquess of Anglesey



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Date: 1827; 1846-1852

Paget [formerly Bayly], Henry William, first marquess of Anglesey


Henry William Paget [formerly Bayley], first Marquess of Anglesey was born in London in 1768.

His career started in the army and his notoriety as a cavalry leader grew during the Peninsular War. By the time of Waterloo, Anglesey was not on good terms with Wellington, a relationship that became further strained during Anglesey’s time as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, as Wellington saw him as too sympathetic to the Catholic cause. Anglesey held this post from 1828 and though dismissed by Wellington in 1829, the Whigs reinstated him in 1830. He resigned in 1833 after arguably his greatest achievement, installing a national education system in Ireland.

In July 1846 Anglesey was appointed Master-General of the Ordnance, a role he had briefly held in 1827 before his Irish appointment. Anglesey stayed in this role overseeing, what he called, “this charming department” until 1852 when the Lord John Russell government fell. Though nearly 84, Angelsey worked with Wellington and Sir John Burgoyne, Inspector-General of Fortifications, to emphasise to the government and public that in-light of steamships the country was defenseless.

Wellington and Anglesey had resolved their differences and were often seen together in public and private, “two deaf old noblemen shouting at each other”. Anglesey died in London in 1854, and by order of Queen Victoria, was given a state funeral and buried in Lichfield Cathedral.

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