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Trench, Sir Frederick William



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Date: 1829-1830; 1834-1835; 1841-1846

Trench, Sir Frederick William


Sir Frederick William Trench was born in Ireland in 1777.

His career started in the army but became increasingly focused on politics. Sir Frederick’s first seat in parliament had been for Mitchell from 1806, but it was partly due to his friendship with the Duke of Rutland that he was able to stand for Cambridge in 1819, a seat he held until 1832. He later held the seat for Scarborough from 1835 to 1847.

During Wellington’s brief ministry Sir Frederick was made Principal Storekeeper of the Ordnance as part of a reshuffle in 1829. Sir Frederick William Trench returned to the Board of Ordnance through his support for Sir Robert Peel. During Peel’s brief ministry in 1834-1835 Sir Frederick was made Secretary to the Master-General of the Ordnance, a role he returned to under Peel’s second ministry from 1842-1846. Sir Frederick was also known for his involvement in metropolitan improvement schemes and supporting monuments.

Sir Frederick William Trench died in Brighton in 1859.

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