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Murray, Sir George



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Date: 1824-1825; 1834-1835; 1841-1846

Murray, Sir George


Sir George Murray was born in 1772. He joined the army from an early age and quickly started to build his career.

From 1819 to 1824 Murray held the position of Governor of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. From 1824 he took up the role of Lieutenant General of the Ordnance, but left in 1825 to be the Command-in-Chief in Ireland, and then left this position when the Duke of Wellington appointed him Secretary of State for the Colonies.

From 1824 Murray stood as MP for Perth County and held this electorship until 1830 when the Duke of Wellington’s government fell from power. Murray was re-elected in 1834 and acted as Master General from briefly between 1834 to 1835 over Peel’s government. He took up the role again, without a ministerial position, during Peel’s ministry of 1841 to June 1846.

He died soon after this in July 1846.

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