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Somerset, Lord Fitzroy



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Date: 1819-1827; 1852-1855

Somerset, Lord Fitzroy


Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, also known as Lord Fitzroy Somerset and first Baron Raglan, was born in Gloucestershire in September 1788.

In 1811 Somerset was appointed Military Secretary to the Duke of Wellington and his career subsequently followed that of the esteemed Duke. Consequently when Wellington was appointed Master General of the Ordnance in 1818 Somerset was appointed the Secretary of the Master General in early 1819. Somerset held this position until 1827 when he resigned with Wellington.

Somerset went on to be the Military Secretary of Horse Guards, but after Wellington’s death in 1852 he succeeded Lord Hardinge as Master General of the Ordnance. Somerset, or by this time Baron Raglan, held this position until his death in 1855, after which it remained empty until the early twentieth century.

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