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Phipps, Hon Edmund



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Date: 1812-1830

Phipps, Hon Edmund


Edmund Phipps was born in April 1760 and was the younger brother of Henry Phipps, who later became Lord Mulgrave.

Though Edmund Phipps lost the use of his right arm in 1797, the brothers’ careers followed similar paths, starting in the army and going into politics. With Lord Mulgrave as a brother Edmund Phipps secured posts through his patronage, this included the role of Clerk of Deliveries at the Ordnance. Mulgrave had been made Master General of the Ordnance in 1810 and had intended his brother to be his secretary, but in October 1812 he was appointed Clerk of Deliveries.

When Mulgrave resigned his position to make way for the Duke of Wellington in 1818 Phipps remained in the Ordnance. He held his position until 1830 and later died in 1837.

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