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Ward, Robert



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Date: 1811-1823

Ward, Robert


Robert Plumer Ward was born on 19 March 1765.

From 1790 Ward began to build a career practicing law but moved into politics in 1802. After marrying Catherine Julia Maling in 1796 Ward was related to Henry Phipps, the first Earl of Mulgrave, and Ward’s career subsequently followed that of Mulgrave.

When Mulgrave took a role as Master General of the Ordnance Ward accepted the position as Clerk of the Ordnance from June 1811. Though Mulgrave gave up his post for the Duke of Wellington Ward remained as Clerk until April 1823 when he became Auditor of the Civil List. Ward also published a number of books including ‘De Vere, or The Man of Independence’ published in 1827 and ‘Illustrations of Human Life’ published in 1837.

Ward died in 1846 whilst resident with his third wife and her father at Chelsea Hospital.

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