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Mulgrave, General Earl



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Date: 1810-1818

Mulgrave, General Earl


Henry Phipps who became the General Earl Mulgrave was born in 1755 to an aristocratic family based in New Ross, Ireland.

Phipps had a successful military career, rising quickly through the ranks, and though he saw action during the American War of Independence his greatest impact was in the role of diplomatist and politician. In 1794 he was created Baron Mulgrave of Mulgrave in British peerage.

Ten years later, when his friend William Pitt returned as Prime Minister, Mulgrave was made part of the cabinet. After Pitt’s death the Portland ministry saw the appointment of Mulgrave as First Lord of the Admiralty and subsequently Master General of the Ordnance in 1810. He held this position until 1818 when he relinquished it for the Duke of Wellington.

Though his health was failing from 1820, Mulgrave eventually died on 7 April 1831.

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