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Gatling Gun


Gatling Gun

  • Gatling Gun

Date: 1873 | Object number: XII.1804

Gatling Gun


Gatling gun, 0.65 inch calibre, on naval landing carriage. Made under licence by W.G. Armstrong’s Elswick Works, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England in 1873. It has 10 barrels.

The Gatling machine gun is considered as a machine gun because it shoots a large number of bullets in a short space of time. But unlike modern machine guns it is not fully automatic. A crank handle has to be operated by hand for the gun to keep shooting.

Barrel length: 2 ft 6.75 in
Overall length: 5 ft 4.50 in
Carriage trail length: 6 ft 9 in
Diameter of wheels: 3 ft 6 in

Transferred from the Royal Ordnance Factory, Enfield, October 1941.

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