Hunting flintlock and wheellock guns, decorated with gold and silver wire inlay

Hunting gallery

The Hunting gallery presents the history and evolution of hunting, from prehistoric times to present day Olympic sports.

Learn more about the history of hunting and the weapons used, ranging from simple spears to more specialised weapons such as longbows, crossbows, and firearms.

These weapons were not only a tool, but also a work of art. Visitors can discover several extravagant and lavishly decorated weapons that would have demonstrated the wealth and status of their owners. Don’t miss the Tula Garniture, a set of elegantly decorated weapons that belonged to Elizabeth Petrovna, Empress of Russia.

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Palmerston's Follies

Fort Nelson is one of the ‘Palmerston Forts’, commissioned in the 1860s by Lord Palmerston, who feared a French attack. By the time they were completed, however, any threat from France disappeared. The forts gained the nickname ‘Palmerston’s follies’.